The legal limit for an alcoholic drink is .6 oz. To give you some perspective, a typical shot is about 1.5 oz. That means your heavy poured Jack and Coke is well over the limit. But there are some drinks out there that would make your usual Friday night look like a visit to Grandma’s house.

Aunt Roberta – This cocktail is named for the famous bootlegger who poisoned 34 of her moonshine customers. Made with absinthe and a few more strong liquors, this one rings in at 8.5 oz. of liquor. Probably best to cancel the next day’s obligations if you’re ballsy enough to try one.

Tharra – India’s version of moonshine is made with sugarcane and has been known to kill hundreds of people. We wouldn’t risk pouring a glass of this one even if we were handing it off to an ex.

The Hellshot – Unfiltered vodka and absinthe come together to make this mind mushing shot. You won’t find it in York, UK because their city council banned its sale.

The Sourtoe – Alcohol isn’t the ingredient that makes this one hard to swallow. The Sourtoe is basically any glass of alcohol with a preserved, dehydrated and amputated human toe thrown in for added excitement. The rule is that you have you to allow the toe to touch your lips through the entirety of the chug. Tharra isn’t sounding so bad now.