acbw-final-hed-2016American Craft Beer Week is something to celebrate every year, as it is not only an event but has also become a movement. This past May, a beer was brewed and packaged with around 4,490 brewery names on the can. This brew consists of the same recipe that more than 100 craft breweries use.

This movement was formed for Paul Ogg, who was diagnosed with cancer last March. He is a teacher, a father, a husband and a partner at the Declaration Brewery. His partner in the business, Mike Blanford, proposed reaching out to Denver, Colorado to promote the concept of honoring Paul for all the influential marks he has made in the Denver beer community.

They brewed up Paul’s version of the porter, which is has flavors similar to Heath, Paul’s favorite candy. This beer has aromas of chocolate and toffee and is balanced with a smoky malt and a subtle amount of hops. The idea was spread to all the breweries around the country and each one has taken the recipe and made it with their own personal altercations.

Support the movement and help spread the message of Making Small Beer Great Again!