Lots of men these days take pride in maintaining a rugged, John Wayne image. If that means skipping a shower or two now and then, so be it. It’s the sacrifice that must be made to appear manly. Carlsberg is happy to allow you your right to shower by jumping in a lake, but they want you to know that you have options. Hair care products don’t have to cost you your Y chromosome.

Carlsberg Beer Beauty is a new line of skin and hair products that you won’t have to hide in the back of your medicine cabinet when a date comes over. With half a liter of real Carlsberg beer in each bottle, these green containers hold more than just shampoo. The hops and barley give your hair and skin vitamins and proteins that strengthen and shine. At $73 for the set, this is hardly your CVS discount brand, but it’s a small price to pay for smelling like a reasonable human.

Go ahead and give it a try, we promise not to tell anyone you’re grooming.