We’ve all been there, it’s a Friday night, the bar is slammed, the game is on, and your pint glass has been empty for far too long. A little over six years ago Josh Goodman, finally became fed up with that kind of night and decided to dream up a solution. Now Goodman is the CEO of PourMyBeer, a self-service beer tap system that is starting to pop up in bars all over the nation.

Now you may be wondering how this is all even possible, with all the legalities that stand in the way. PourMyBeer offers self-serve table taps and wall taps that are accompanied with technology to track purchases and limit over consumption. Radio-frequency identification cards and wristbands enable customers to access the taps and will only serve a limit of 32oz to one customer at a time; once the 32oz are served the customer then need to reactivate with a bartender or waitress.

Bar owners who have made the investment praise the brand, claiming that it helps them to cut down on waste and sell even more beer on a busy night. The taps are now in over 200 establishments in 28 states and have created quite the buzz on social media, leading to even more success for the brand and the bars. Now you better start practicing your pours because when utilizing a PourMyBeer tap, there’s no one to blame for all of that foam except for yourself.