Bottle-Keeper-PriceDo you ever find yourself rushing to finish your bottled beer on a summer day before it gets too warm to drink? Don’t you just wish there was something more advanced than your regular old koozie?

A company has done just that by not only making a beer container that keeps it cool, but seals and protects it. The BottleKeeper looks like a metal water bottle except you can slide your beer into it and seal it up. It is lined with Neoprene, which helps keep your drink cold; it also has impact resistance to keep your bottle safe from breaking. But the best part is that it has a cap that seals your beer. So when you’re at the beach or on the go you can be sure the BottleKeeper will keep your beer safe.

Not only does it offer all the nooks and crannies of a container but also this bottle is also great for bringing a beer to an event. It looks just like an aluminum water bottle so no one is going to question if it’s an “open container” or not. Check it out for yourself at to be certain that you can always enjoy your beer ice cold.