In most cases, drinking in itself is our form of entertainment. No matter what we’re doing, it becomes infinitely better when we crack open a beer. However, there are times where you’re in the mood for a little competition amongst drinking buddies. We love beer pong, but you can really only play that so many times before you’re over it. There’s got to be something else, right?


How about a little beer hockey?


We learned about beer hockey last week when Drake was on Jimmy Fallon’s show and they engaged in a little friendly competition. This was inspired by a photo that appeared on the Internet recently of a modified air hockey table that was used for “alcohockey.” Jimmy Fallon was so impressed that he and his team decided to make their own beer hockey table and then challenge Drake to a game. Can you guess who won?


Jimmy, obviously. Drake’s real name is Aubrey and there’s no way you’re winning beer hockey with a name like that. Sorry, bro.


Making our own beer hockey table is now at the top of our to do list. Best part? There are holes in it where your cups of beer fit perfectly, preventing the spillage that becomes a problem in beer pong games.


If you can’t afford to buy an air hockey table just to drill holes in it, pick up one of the tabletop versions. They’re way cheaper and way smaller, but they can still get the job done. They’re not going to hold as much beer, but that’s what refills are for.


Another alternative: the always handy playing card. We found a version that uses playing cards and a puck (or something that’s shaped like a puck). It really doesn’t look nearly as exciting as real beer hockey, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.


Have you and your friends already made your own beer hockey table? Send us a picture.