Need a hand with your home improvement project? Can’t seem to find where you put your wallet? Australia has developed the perfect bartering system for you to adopt.

They call it Beer Economy and it’s exactly what you think it is. Instead of paying people money for their services, you pay them with good beer. Facebook groups act as the platform the trading. If you need something done you simply post the request and which craft indulgence you’re willing to part with to get it done.

Some people even trade physical goods for beer instead of their services. People in search of something like a used side table or chair can go to the group and post their requests on the page to see if they get a hit. It’s much easier than scraping your way through the Salvation Army.

Legally, it’s a gray area because you need a liquor license to offer alcohol in return for money. But since money isn’t in the picture, and the beer is replacing it, things are more complicated. As of now, Beer Economy is still a viable option. So if you think it’s for you, go ahead and get things brewing in your hometown.