Yesterday marked the official return of baseball, even though the east coast was coated in a fresh layer of snow. After a long offseason, the boys of summer oiled up their gloves and stepped up to the plate. But baseball season isn’t just about the pros – it’s about the fans, too.

There’s nothing like rooting for the home team at one of the many beautiful ballparks scattered across our country. It’s even more memorable when you’ve got a cold beer in your hand.

Ballpark beer prices have long been a topic of conversation heading into the season. With teams like the Red Sox and Cubs charging nearly $8 for a Bud Light, it seems a bit ridiculous. Sure, you’re paying for the experience, but you’re also paying for a crappy light beer – and that can be hard to justify. You’ll find lower prices in Arizona or Cleveland, but not low enough.

So what’s a baseball fan to do? Sounds like a problem for future you to worry about. For now, order two beers at a time and get that baseball tan started. We’ve got a long way to go and you’re not gonna get there without emptying your wallet at the bar.