Those of us who have an appreciation for vodka and a good pun have led a hard life. Some would even say that our search was longer than average until, at last, Balls Vodka came along.

A visit to their website slaps you right in the face with a blunt “That’s right, we called it Balls.” If you peak a little further down their page you’ll see questions like “Do you have Balls?” and “What size Balls do you prefer?” (referring to the different sized bottles, of course). You’d be blushing if the B in “balls” wasn’t capitalized.

Coming in at 80 proof, size doesn’t matter – it still gets the job done. If you’re looking to dip your toe in something new, Balls Vodka is worth experimenting with.

Worst case scenario: the bottle itself is a great conversation starter. Take the girl on the label, for example. Why is she wearing a bathing suit and heels? Who does that? And why is she pulling her hair back? You could last all night talking about that.

The jury is still out on how it tastes, but we can leave that to your imagination.