Aston Martin has long been the symbol of undeniable swagger on the road. It’s James Bond’s transportation of choice, and if that wasn’t cool enough for you – this will surely help:

Their Milano Rapide S Dom Perignon model is currently on an Italian road trip to show off its handmade removable champagne cellar. It’s located in the trunk of the car, because what else could you possibly need for a road trip? The car was made only for promotional purposes, stopping at restaurants and resorts to celebrate Aston Martin’s partnership with Dom Perignon.

The cellar comfortably fits three bottles of 1988 Dom, two fancy bottle openers, and a couple of crystal glasses so you and your Bond Girl don’t have to sacrifice class for convenience. While the tricked out car isn’t for sale, Aston Martin’s Milan dealership is planning to offer the cellar as an add-on to the Rapide S once the tour wraps up. The price tag on that is still unknown, but if you’re buying an Aston Martin, a few extra dollar signs probably aren’t a big deal.