If you tried to fly anywhere in the last 10 days, you were probably met with an extended delay or even a cancellation. Sometimes they know right away that the flight isn’t going to work and you leave the airport until a later date, but other times (most times) they string you along for hours and even days until they’re finally able to get you on a flight. The result? Lots and lots and lots of time in the airport.


You can only play Candy Crush for so long before you need a drink. But who wants to drink alone? While you’re in the bar, you may as well look for a date, right? Maybe you’ll find your future spouse and have a great story to tell the kids one day… or maybe you’ll just have drinks with someone who is (decently) good looking, exchange phone numbers and never talk to each other again. That works, too. Either way, here are some airports with good bars for you (lucky) single dudes to find a date:


Orlando International Airport: The Orlando International Airport is busting with bars for you to drink at. Also, there’s actually a Hyatt Regency Hotel attached to the airport for post bar activities. Fat chance you’ll get that far but you never know. Hint: If you think you’ve just met your future wife at the airport bar, don’t invite her to hang out in an airport hotel room.


Philadelphia International Airport: This Philly airport has some really solid sports bars and wine bars, so if your dream girl is not watching ESPN alone in one of the pubs, try to hit up a wine bar and look for one of those classier broads. Variety is the spice of life, friends.


Washington Dulles International Airport: Okay, apparently this airport isn’t that awesome to be stuck in, but it does have one specific bar that’s been specifically noted as a great place to meet someone. Vino Volo, a wine bar in Concourse C, was named as the second best U.S. airport bar to meet a date by It’s fairly small, so when it gets busy, you can’t help but strike up a conversation with the pretty girl next to you. Also, now that people know it’s a good place for singles, more women will ultimately make it an airport destination.


Los Angeles International Airport: LAX used to have the coolest giant spaceship bar called Encounter, but it closed and life just hasn’t been the same since. Luckily, they still have plenty of other bars filled with people who are generally above-average in the looks department. You also have a higher likelihood of bumping into a random celebrity at this airport. Chance meeting with Kate Upton? Hey, it could happen.


Hopefully if you’re stuck in an airport, there are some single ladies at the bar. Buy her a drink and your flight will arrive in no time.