Philly is making noise on the beer scene, and it sounds a lot like Wu Tang Clan. Vince Derosiers, head brewer at Dock Street Brewery, is always listening to music he likes at work. He figured it was about time he let the beer get its groove on for a change.

For 6 months, Dock Street will be aging barrels of beer with a 24/7 Spotify playlist blasting nothing but Wu Tang. The first of (hopefully) many music-themed offerings from brewery, it’s more than just a fun idea. The strong bass beats from the music create vibrations that supposedly encourage the yeast in the brew to grow and create more, stronger flavors. This time around the product will have hints of pineapple and orange, and it’s street cred will be off the charts.

Dock Street Brewery Aint Nothin ta F’ Wit.