Pennsylvania native Mariano “Pops” Rotelli has found the fountain of youth my friends, and it flows from the bottle of Jim Beam Black Bourbon.

The 107 year old (yes, you read that correctly, one hundred and seven), says that he has put a shot of whiskey in his coffee every morning since he was 7 years old old. We’re not telling you to start feeding your second grader whiskey every morning but this guy might be on to something. He swears his “Irish coffee” is the reason he’s made it this far. “I went to the doctors three times in 100 years,” he said. “He’s dead and I’m still living.”

Rotelli is not the first of his kind. Antonio Docampo Garcia, who passed away earlier this year, drank four bottles of wine a day and also lived to be 107. We could get used to these dudes’ lifestyles.

Disclaimer: We’re not telling you that drinking will make you live forever. We’re just saying it could help you reach the big ‘hundo.