os-florida-man-beer-20150310-001We love when the social media universe inspires the alcohol industry, especially in this case where one of our favorite Twitter accounts is being honored with their very own craft brew. Fans of @_FloridaMan will be excited to hear that Tampa Brewery, Cigar City, is about to release a Florida Man Double IPA, complete with a “crazy hoppy” flavor profile.

Now, if you are unfamiliar with the parody Twitter account let us give you a little backstory. The handle represents a fictional character who’s somehow responsible for all of the insane real-life, crime and news headlines found in papers though out the state. The self acclaimed “world’s worst superhero”, has a cult following of over 255K individuals who all get a kick out of the bizarre headlines posted via 140 characters daily.

Cigar City Brewing is excited to pay homage to the “man” who embodies all of the outlandish and quirky headlines, which could only be found in the pages of Floridian newspapers. The brew is on tap in their Tampa tasting room and a bottle costs approximately $9. The plan is to distribute Florida Man Double IPA in liquor stores throughout the state of Florida, and unfortunately those around the nation who are also crazy in love with hoppy brews and the Twitter handle will have to wait to see if the beer is distributed nationally in the future.