We’re sure you’ve all heard about the new Game of Thrones beer being launched at SXSW and we cannot think of a better TV show to combine with drinking. With Season 4 of the hit series premiering on April 6, we’re already having heart palpitations just thinking about the crazy, messed up stuff that’s bound to happen.


In honor of the new season of GOT, we wanted to reflect back on moments from past seasons that made up jump up and grab a drink just so we could chill out a little bit. If you’re watching past seasons to catch up before Season 4 starts, here are some of those times where you’re going to need to have your beer handy. Oh, yeah… I guess we should also say SPOILER ALERT. There’s nothing worse than someone that ruins all of the fun.


1. When we find out that Queen Cersei Lannister is hooking up with her twin brother, Jaime. And then that little kid Bran Stark finds out and Jaime throws him out a window. Seriously, what?


2. When George R.R. Martin laughed in our faces and decided to behead the main character, Ned Stark.


3. Three words for you: The Red Wedding. Nightmares for days.


4. When Jaime Lannister gets his sword fighting hand chopped off because some people don’t like him. Seems legit.


5. “Dracarys.” Don’t mess with the Mother of Dragons.


6. When Joffrey lies about Arya’s dire wolf hurting him so that the direwolf gets killed. Let’s face it, everything Joffrey does is horrible and he’s the worst person to ever exist.


7. When Theon Greyjoy tries to get into a girl’s pants, only to find out that she’s actually his sister. Man, GOT wins for gross incest storylines.


8. When Viserys Targaryen tries to get gangster and tells Drogo that he will kill Daenerys if Drogo doesn’t deliver his crown. Then, bringing gangster to a whole other level, Drogo “crowns” Viserys by pouring molten gold on his head.


We know there are more moments, but we need to stop at 7 because we can already feel our blood pressure rising. What’s your favorite moment from Game of Thrones?