Sometimes, we get bogged down in the latest movies and hottest reality TV shows. We get so focused on what’s new with Duck Dynasty that we forget the great movies and TV shows that we know and love. And what could we love more than watching our favorite characters on the screen enjoying a cocktail or two? Today, we’re taking the time to remember drinks that got their 15 minutes of fame on screens both big and small.

White Russian – As the drink of choice for the Dude, this cocktail was all over The Big Lebowski. Although this cult classic can be a little out-there, our faith in movies can always be restored with one of our favorite drinks.

Red Eye – This, ehem, interesting drink was made famous by Tom Cruise’s character in the movie Cocktail. While some speculations exist about the validity of this recipe, Mr. Cruise puts plainly that it includes beer, vodka, tomato juice, and a raw egg. Unstirred.

Vesper – The most refined drink on our list is the go-to for Bond. That is, James Bond. This cocktail starred in Casino Royale, alongside the occasional explosion or speeding car. Just make sure to take this one shaken, not stirred.

Sweet Vermouth on the Rocks with a Twist – Groundhog Day star, Bill Murray, may be toasting to the groundhog, but we’re toasting to one hilarious movie. This tongue twister of a drink may sound strong, but hey, if a weatherman can get it down, so can we.

Old Fashioned – A classic cocktail made current by one of TV’s most mysterious men. When Mad Men’s Don Draper is in the mood to drink, we know exactly what he’ll order—the first, second, and third times. And we won’t mind enjoying one ourselves.