Malibu is encroaching on the sparkling wine world with their first bottle of bubbly. The Malibu Rum Sparkler debuted last week as the brand’s newest sparkling rum creation.


The new innovation is a fruity mix of Malibu rum and coconut water that has been infused with bubbles. Stick a cork in the bottle and you have Malibu Rum Sparklers. Bottled at 11% ABV, the sparklers will be available in Coconut and Peach flavors for $16.99 a piece. No word yet on whether new flavors are still to come but we have a feeling this is only the beginning for Malibu Sparklers.


So would you buy a sparkling rum drink in a bottle? Bubbly cocktails and spritzers are having quite the moment right now – mostly because they’re so easy to make. Though we would prefer a fresh sparkling rum cocktail, we’re willing to give Malibu Sparklers a try.  Our only hang up: we wish the sparkling component was something boozy (like Champagne or Prosecco) rather than just bubbly water.