566048_1Have you ever gone out on a Friday night and had just a little too much to drink to the point where you think it would be a smart idea to call and reconnect with an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend? Of course you have—we’ve all been there. When that inevitable (and embarrassing) situation arises, you can be sure to save yourself from the shame with Launch LLC’s new “DrunkMode” application.

Available for both Apple and Android products, DrunkMode—like other number blocking apps—allows you to submit certain contacts (from either your phone or Facebook) and set a specific amount of time (up to 12 hours) for which the number will be blocked. The only way to dial a blocked number is to answer the app’s math-based brainteasers, which are often a challenge even when you’re not intoxicated.

DrunkMode also contains a couple of unique components that sets itself apart from other applications in the category. With its “Find My Drunk” feature, you can enter a list of “Drinking Buddies” (who are also using the app) so when a friend drunkenly wanders away, you can track their movements and view their location via the app’s built-in map. Similarly, the “Breadcrumbs” feature tracks your travels throughout the night (while the app is active), so you can retrace your steps when you leave your keys at the bar. Safety first, right?

Most recently, DrunkMode partnered with DrinkMate (an application that provides your BAC level by utilizing an attachable breathalyzer) as a further reminder of how drunk you really were the night before. It’ll also help you find a ride home if your BAC level is above a certain point by a pre-set time of the evening.

This all sounds pretty decent to us; there’s nothing worse then being greeted the next morning with a hangover and a hefty “recent calls” list full of your previous relationships.