A lot of good comes from “living local.” Supporting local restaurants. Frequenting local bars. Buying local products. Cooking with local food. Drinking local booze. It’s what keeps the small communities of America running.

There’s nothing better than rolling into your hometown local bar and having the bartender know exactly who you are and what your drink is. Honestly, we feel like a celebrity. Sometimes they even throw in some free shots or a free beer. We like to pretend we’re local royalty.

And FYI: brandy is cool again. Not like, cool-to-steal-out-of-your-parents-liquor-cabinet-when-you-were-sixteen-cool, but cool like all-the-hottest-craft-cocktails-are-now-using-brandy cool.

We are MORE than happy to help support local distilleries and bring brandy back into the limelight. No need to ask us twice.

If you happen to be in the Louisville, Kentucky area, Copper & Kings is the brand to know about. Their booze is featured in some of the coolest restaurants and bars. Be sure to check out these king-worthy cocktails:

The Ol’ Strawberry Roan @ The Silver Dollar21106866_1515124208553775_7066389317803069631_n

A refreshing drink made with Copper & King’s un-aged apple brandy, strawberry basil syrup, lichi-li, Sauvignon blanc, and soda.

Double Down @ Proof on Main

This perfect-for-fall cocktail combines Laird’s Applejack, Copper & Kings apple brandy, honey syrup, herbal liqueur and a few dashes of walnut bitters.

The Temptress @ The Joy Luck11-Hottest-Cocktails-to-Drink-in-Bars-Now-September-2017-joy-luck-louisville-720x720-slideshow

A not-too-sweet after-dinner cocktail made with Copper & Kings brandy, prosecco, darkened with activated charcoal and crème de cassis and accented with Bittermens Boston Bittahs and an anise whisper of Sambuca.

The Bloody Butcher @ Butchertown Grocery

This unique Bloody Mary comes with tasty bone marrow, olives, rosemary, and Copper & Kings Brandy (and don’t forget the garnish with a house-made pickle and local Broadbent country ham.