Alright guys, lets get real here for a second, we have all heard the rumors and theories about having a beer after a workout and that it is actually beneficial. For the most part, while it’s true one brew can help, getting sloshed after your workout is not good in any way shape or form for your body’s recovery. Having one beer after a workout can be beneficial as it contains sugary carbs, some electrolytes and a few helpful plant based nutrients that come from hops, barley and yeast. But what is beer missing in it that we NEED and want more of? PROTEIN.

Two guys named Henry Manice and Naveen Pawar have released a beer called “Mighty Squirrel.” Unlike your typical beer that usually holds 1 or 2 grams of protein, this beer is packed with 5 grams of it. So when you finish your work out not only will you be rewarding yourself with a beer, but you’ll reward yourself with protein your muscles are craving.

The beer comes in two varieties, “Mighty Squirrel Original” and “Mighty Squirrel Light.” Original is a Vienna lager that is complex with bread, caramel and citrus notes accompanied by a hint of honey. The lighter lager is clean and crisp with citrus and honey notes. Unfortunately you can only find these beers in Boston right now, so if you’re in the Bean this summer take a trip to Quality Mart on Mass Ave and grab some. Get shredded with this post-workout brew and if you happen to get sloshed off Mighty Squirrel we aren’t judging.