Lately, we’ve seen Fireball Cinnamon Whisky bottles at parties, selling out in bars, and filling up shot glasses everywhere we turn. If we connect the dots it seems Jack Daniels has taken notice, as evident by their latest release Tennessee Fire. Coupled with their cinnamon flavored Winter Jack release last Christmas, we have to believe spicy Jack is here to stay. The 70 proof cinnamon-flavored whiskey will launch on a trial basis in Tennessee, Oregon, and Pennsylvania in April and based on the flavored whiskey craze we’re guessing this one will be available nationally soon.


Belvedere, one of our favorite premium vodkas, is announcing the launch of their newest flavor: Mango Passion. It makes us dream of the end of this miserable winter and fresh cocktails in the summer sun. The mango passion vodka is distilled with fresh mangoes but also has hints of lime, tangerine, and citrus in its flavor profile. You pay for quality and the Belvedere Mango passion will be available on April 1 at $34.99 per bottle.


Smirnoff has joined the super premium vodka world with their latest release, Smirnoff White. The vodka is created from a new distillation process from Smirnoff in which the vodka is freeze filtered and passed through charcoal filters. For those already heading to their local liquor store, note that Smirnoff White will be available in travel retail outlets worldwide starting in July at $27.00 per bottle. Looks like it’s time to book a trip – we’d do it to get our hands on a bottle.


Tequila has a new member on the shelves with an innovative aging process that separates it from the pack. Hornitos Black Barrel is created from a lengthy 18-month aging process in American oak, charred American oak, and toasted American oak barrels. All of this aging leaves Black Barrel with flavor depth like a whiskey. This 100% agave Añejo premium tequila has hints of vanilla and smoke and is available now for $29.99 a bottle.