Low calorie wines. Sure you’re getting a skinnier glass of vino but at what price? We’ve been hesitant due to the fact that most low calorie wine sacrifices the flavor and complexity we love, leaving us drinking sour grape juice. However, with a new recipe, we may have found a low calorie wine that deserves a sip.


Brancott Estate is releasing Flight Song, a new range of low-calorie wines from New Zealand. What makes Flight Song different from the Skinnygirl wines of the world, is that the wine is harvested from grapes earlier in the season when their sugar levels are naturally lower. Rather than cutting corners, Brancott has found a natural solution to cut out 20% of the calories in their wines without leaving a painful taste in our mouths.


So far the reviews of Flight Song have us thinking they’ve created a prime product for the healthy wine-o’s of the world. Their Sauvignon Blanc recently won gold at the New Zealand International Wine Show. Matt Foley of Brancott Estate says that people use a, “number of ways to reduce the calories in wine but not all of these processes are natural and many of them affect the flavor of the wine. We retain all of the distinctive flavors that people expect from Brancott Estate.”


Brancott Estate will be releasing two wines for their Flight Song series, Pinot Grigio and the Sauvignon Blanc. They will each be available in the U.S. starting in March, and will retail at only $14.99 a bottle. Cheap price to cut calories.