liqs2_ll_lowresWhether you’re back to school or back to work, September rings in that celebratory season filled with get-togethers with old friends and coworkers. These reunions usually call for a drink or two and can potentially lead to a night on town if you’re feeling bold. Still, the cocktail(s) you’re likely to order while you’re out will probably be pricey and packed with unknown ingredients—so what do you do?

Two words: Cocktail. Shots.

Yes, we know this sounds straight out of high school, but LIQS premixed shots are a whole new level of prepackaged liquor. Using premium spirits and natural flavors, LIQS have expanded from Miami to NYC, Texas and Massachusetts, claiming they are able to go where bartenders cannot.

Deeming the same high quality one may find at a posh mixology bar, LIQS utilize 99% agave tequila (50 proof) and 6x distilled vodka (45 proof). With just a quick stop at your local liquor store or select luxury hotel, you can indulge in any of the four delicious flavors—vodka cucumber lime, vodka kamikaze, vodka lychee grapefruit, and tequila cinnamon orange.

The best part? There are no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Not to mention that each flavor is pretty low in calorie (the highest containing up to only 120 cal.). So if you’re looking for an eventful evening without all of the “rave-ness” that goes along with it, we’d recommended looking into LIQS.

For a mere $7.99, you can pick up a 3-pack for a pregame or a simple night in with pals—either way, you’ll find yourself feeling fancy.