In the face of climate change, we have A LOT of lifestyle decisions to make. Here’s an obvious one – drink Long Root sustainable beer.

The first of its kind, Long Root Ale, uses Kernza wheat, a perennial plant that may be the secret to a more sustainable agriculture process. The plant grows year-round – meaning farmers who produce it don’t need to plow up their land and replant the crop every year. This limits the amount of soil erosion and carbon escape. Kernza’s lengthy roots also give it the unique ability to hold soil together and depend less on the irrigation of water.

The beer, an obvious (and useful) tactic for growing Kernza awareness, was made in collaboration by Patagonia, Provisions, The Land Institute, Hopworks Urban Brewery and the University of Minnesota. Long Root Ale aims to stand as a symbol for food of the future and begin a trend that makes Kernza a household name.

When you cheers with a Long Root Ale you’re ‘cheers-ing’ to a better path forward and more sustainable future. Feel good about that.