We know you’re proud to be American, but you may drink like you’re from Portugal. Sometimes our drinking preferences may seem a little foreign to our friends and the BBC has decided to put an end to the confusion with the release of their “booze calculator”, a nifty little tool that tells you which country you really should be drinking in.

The British Broadcasting Corporation completed some research to rank each country by their drinking tendencies. Simply enter the number of “pints of beer”, “glasses of wine”, and “single measures of spirits” you consume per week, in addition to the country you call home. The calculator will in turn spit out the nationality your drinking habits best identify with.

The calculator also provides us with some other intriguing information, such as the total amount of booze you would consume throughout the year if your weekly habits were consistent, as well as the stats that coincide with your own country’s drinking habits. Here in the good old US of A, we are the 48th heaviest drinking country in the world consuming 9.2 liters of pure alcohol per year. It is no surprise that our favorite beverage is an ice cold beer, especially considering that the average citizen drinks 162 pints per year.

So we are sure your curiosity is starting to get the best of you! Check out BBC’s booze calculator and find out which nationality your drinking habits best identify with, and maybe consider planning your next vacation now that you know you’ll fit right in with the locals.