The ideas that really take off are the ones that you have the most fun creating. At least that’s what happened to Tom Delcourt. According to The Drinks Business, Tom made a Lego scene to pair with the beer he was drinking just for kicks. He took a picture, posted it, and went on with his life.

But when he checked his account later, he noticed the picture got A LOT of likes. So he did it again. And again. And again. From a lumberjack scene for The Wild Beer Co’s Redwood to an alien abduction for Earth Ale Brewery’s Malted Busicut, Tom’s random fun project has become a full-blown “thing.”

Check out all of Tom’s creations at @Beer_Farts, and be sure to try a few of the beers too. His latest, Primal Cut, paired with chainsaw-wielding wolf looking particularly toothsome.

redwood 40ft earthale