We’ve said it once but we’ll say it again, summer is almost over. Which really only means one thing: what should we drink? The days are numbered when it comes to summer beers. We know that new seasonal beers are already on shelves (ahem, pumpkin) so we’re making sure we get our fill of summer brews this holiday weekend. Here are a few we think you should try to get your hands on:

Sierra Nevada, Summerfest: Perfect for warm weather, Summerfest is crisp and refreshing.

Hinterland, Cherry Wheat: Smells just as you’d expect, delicious.

RJ Rockers, Son Of A Peach: It’s made with real peaches, it’s a day drinking dream.

Blue Moon, Summer Honey Wheat: Subtly sweet, don’t forget to grab a few to share with friends.

Smuttynose, Summer Weizen: We suggest drinking one (or a few) of these with dinner, cheers to beers and barbeques.