Samuel Adams has launched its Barrel Room Collection, a new range of barrel-aged brews inspired by the Belgian practice of blending, aging and conditioning beers.


The collection currently includes Samuel Adams New World (10%-abv), Samuel Adams Thirteenth Hour (9%-abv), Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red (9%-abv) and Samuel Adams American Kriek (7%-abv).


The secret ingredient in each is Kosmic Mother Funk (or KMF), which Sam’s website defines as, “Our special beer aged in wooden vessels for over 6 months. This beer is very fruity and sour due to a secondary fermentation with brettanomyces yeast. It is used to add flavor and complexity to each of our Barrel Room Collection beers.”


The Barrel Room Collection is available nationwide, with the exception of American Kriek, which will only be offered in the New England, Denver and New York