wineDo you ever wish for a machine that both understands and respects your love of a perfect wine? Well your prayers have been answered because such a device has been introduced, and it’s certainly a profitable piece of equipment.

Introducing the Somm: a wine dispenser that promises to provide the perfect pour, and help you track your palate. The instrument features an array of “smart” features and uses custom containers, sort of like a Keurig for wine. Need we say more?

The containers, called Sylos, hold about three bottle’s worth of wine. They also communicate with the machine to adjust factors such as temperature and aeration, all dependent on what kind of wine it’s pouring.

On top of a custom pour, the machine will also track your palate through a connected smartphone app, ultimately giving you wine-ful advice on what other bottles you might enjoy. Think of it as the Netflix “Because you watched this” then “you’ll like this” feature.

During the pre-order period, the containers are actually reasonably priced, ranging from the equivalent of $5 to $39 a bottle.

After launching its Kickstarter campaign on April 7th, it took only 15 hours for the Somm wine dispenser to attract $100,000 in backing from wine connoisseurs with most serving up to $199 to get the sleek machine by Christmas time.

The crowdfunding tracking site Kicktraq currently projects that the Somm will raise more than $1 million by May 10th, when the campaign ends. Those who reserve the Somm early will be getting a pretty decent discount on the $299 projected retail price. So happy Somm shopping wine lovers!