What’s better than snagging the latest trendy accessory? Well snagging the latest trendy booze accessory of course. We recently came across two emerging Kickstarters that are boasting some serious innovation, and looking for a little support from enthusiastic investors. Here’s the rundown on both products and what they have to offer, this way you’ll have a one up on all your friends when these products finally hit the shelves.

Cyros Wine Chiller: We’re sure you’ve been lectured on this at least once by the Wine Snob in your life before, but if a glass of vino is served at the wrong temperature it can completely change the intended flavor profile and ruin the taste of the wine. For those nights when your dying to dive into a bottle of chardonnay but simply can’t wait for it to chill, The Cyros Wine Chiller could potentially come to your rescue. The Cyros Wine Chiller claims to be “The worlds first the only instant wine chiller”, and for a pledge of $150 you can have your very own by December 2016. The Cryos, which is “patent pending”, uses a proprietary system to instantly match the temperature of your choice, and the chiller works with both red and white wine thanks to a 15 minute cleaning cycle between wines. The Kickstarter currently has 164 backers and 37 days left to go. If you’re already thinking you can’t live without The Cryos Wine Chiller, or are just a secret angel investor looking to blow some cash, visit the Kickstarter here and make it rain!

FLIPSHOT®: Now this next product is taking on liquor shot afterburns around the world. We strongly believe that it’s important to drink in moderation, however every once in a while you need to get the party going with a straight shot of liquor. The creators of the FLIPSHOT® believe plastic bottle chasers are a thing of the past, because this reusable plastic shot glass has dual chambers for holding your chaser on the bottom and the booze on top. Once you toss your favorite liquor back, a little button on the shot glass instantly releases the chaser to alleviate your typical post shot burn/cringe. These little glasses are also eco friendly, made of high density durable plastic that’s BPA and BPS free. If you typically like to save a few buck by purchasing a cheaper “bottom shelf” liquor, but hate the burn it gives after taking a shot we recommend investing in FLIPSHOT®, it could be the answer to your prayers – learn more here and consider donating to their Kickstarter in March!