Seaweed Cocktail



We hear about a lot of weird cocktails, and the newest one we’ve encountered involves kelp.


You know, kelp. That big brown seaweed you see floating in the ocean. What? You’ve never stopped to consider the possibilities of combining seaweed and alcohol? (Don’t worry – we hadn’t either.)


Kelp is actually common in Asian countries, maybe because it contains tons of vitamins and nutrients. Healthy cocktails, like ones that use freshly juiced ingredients, have been popular the last few years, so it makes (a little) sense that people have been experimenting with kelp cocktails.


EVOE, a restaurant in New York City, teamed up with Bren Smith from Thimble Oyster Company and created a one-night-only “Drink Like a Fish” dinner with kelp cocktails and hors d’oeuvres earlier this month.


EVOE’s dinner was so popular, that they’re hosting another one tomorrow night (June, 19th) at Louro Restaurant. It is a Japanese inspired 5-course fresh kelp dinner with kelp cocktail pairings; tickets are still available, so if you’re in the NYC area you can snag them here. Whether or not you go, their cocktail menu is worth checking out.


Green Blood Maria – Kelp, Tomato Water, Celery, Habanero, Lime


Sovereign Remedy – Kelp and Ginger Infused Yamazaki Whisky, Carrot, Honey, Lemon


Hokkaido Ferry – Kelp Infused Hakushu Whisky, Madeira, Cane Syrup, Peychaud’s Bitters


We don’t necessarily see kelp going mainstream, but it would be nice to have it accessible across the country for those of us who want to try it. We love when bars and restaurants get creative with their cocktails – what’s your favorite weird ingredient?