All of the best ideas are born in pubs and possibly one of the greatest is that of a keg rocket. A group of rocket and beer lovers known as “Team Numb” currently have a Kickstarter going in hopes that they will be able to launch a dual-stage rocket that will raise two kegs way up into the sky in an awesome display of beer and science and working together.

Using a first-stage rocket (a booster) and a second-stage rocket (a sustainer), they expect the kegs to reach speeds of over 650 mph and reach heights close to 20,000 feet. The team talked to CNETabout their project and explained things a little more. Apparently the booster will have four N-Class motors firing at once, which will give almost 1,000 pounds of thrust for 3.5 seconds.

Team member and rocket enthusiast Pete Eckstrom said “After the booster motors burn out, the two sections, or stages, will drift apart, or ‘drag separate’ because of the larger fins on the booster section. The booster will have more aerodynamic drag than the sustainer section. Electronics onboard the sustainer stage will light its P-Class motor a few second after the stages separate. The ‘P’ motor will supply over 2,000 pounds of thrust for 5 seconds.”

Are your heads spinning? Okay, glad it’s not just us.

Anyway, don’t worry – the kegs are supposed to survive the launch and drift back to earth on parachutes, returning to achieve their one mission in life: to supply beer to the thirsty masses.

This is all supposed to go down in September at an annual event called “Balls” in the Black Rock Desert north of Reno, Nevada. However, before then, the team needs to raise the funds to make their rocket keg dreams a reality. If you want to donate, head on over to their Kickstarter page and help them out. At the time of writing this, there were only a few days left and they were close to their goal, but not quite there yet.