Thanks to Ommegang Brewery, your house will be the one that “sits on the Iron Throne” this summer in Washington D.C. The Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar is coming.


According to Travel & Leisure, the brewery is pulling out all the stops by including everything from swords and dragons, to a real life-size iron throne.


In each “room” of the pop up bar, you can experience a different part of the show’s world, including Dany’s dragons and the Hall of Faces (uh maybe don’t have a drink in there?). And of course, the show’s theme song will be playing the entire time to get you in a Thrones kinda mood.

If that weren’t enough, the bar will allow you to imbibe on signature cocktails like, “What is Dead May Never Die” and “The Lannisters Send Their Regards,” as well as some of Ommegang’s famous GoT brews like “Bend the Knee” and “Three-Eyed Raven.”


The bar opens on June 20th through August 27th and will be open every day, except Sunday because everyone will be home glued to the TV anyway.

And if you’re not?


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