Some of our favorite childhood snacks are best left in the rearview. Twinkies, Easy Cheese, and Spaghettios lost their appeal some time after puberty hit. Other treats, however, remain in a prominent place in our fridges when we happen upon them in the grocery aisle. While these sugary treats are a delicacy all their own, we would be remised if we didn’t try to upgrade them to a new level worthy of an adult’s palate. After all, liquor makes everything taste better.

Sunny Parrot

1 Individual Bottle of Sunny Delight

Parrot Bay Rum

Instructions: Drink half of the Sunny D, then fill the rest with Parrot Bay.


Wild Jack

1 Pouch of Wild Cherry Capri Sun

Jack Daniels Nip


An orange wedge

Instructions: Cut open the package, drop in a cherry, pour in the Jack, then garnish with an orange.


Kool-Aid Sangria


2 bottles red wine – merlot or cabernet

½ cup sugar

1 packet unsweetened lemon-lime Kool-Aid

1 packet unsweetened orange Kool-Aid

Instructions: Combine in large pitcher and serve over ice.