FranciscoJose Cuervo’s Dons of Tequila competition has been going on for a little while now, but the tequila giant has officially named the 17 lucky bartenders that will be competing in the grand final Dons of Tequila cocktail competition. Coming from all over the world, each bartender that’s been chosen has a unique set of mixology skills that make him/her qualified to become a “Don” in Jose Cuervo’s eyes.

The finalists will be put through a series of cocktail challenges where a panel of knowledgeable judges will determine each bartender’s “passion, grit and cajones.” They’ll be competing for a chance to visit Jose Cuervo’s distillery in La Rojena, Tequila, Mexico. But that’s not all. The grand prize winner will also be able to harvest their own crop of agave from the Jose Cuervo estate, blend it in any way they desire, and have it batched and labeled under their own name. Sounds like a sweet deal to us!

According to Jose Cuervo CEO, Juan-Domingo Beckmann, “becoming a Don of Tequila is the ultimate accolade, fit only for the very best.” And the very best it will be. After the competition comes to a close, we hope many Cuervo shots are shared amongst the finalists. We know we’ll be celebrating for them by shooting something back.

What cocktail would you wow Jose Cuervo with to win the competition?