Original fans of Entourage are familiar with Avion brand tequila thanks to the plotline that involved Turtle investing and Vince promoting it. With their new movie coming out this summer, new waves of Entourage fans have begun to enter the liquor store.

Those who weren’t caught up on Entourage, or perhaps were too young to explore the world of tequila when the episodes originally aired, are now doing their own product research.

When the show first began promoting Avion, it was only available in New York and California. Lots of viewers just assumed it was a fictional brand. Thanks to a larger distribution network, and a few HBOGO bingers, their business is now bringing in gains of over 100% every year.

When the movie premieres in early June, Avion expects an even bigger increase in sales. Go prove them right and drink like a member of Vinny Chase’s Entourage.