Calling all whisky collectors and connoisseurs: the 2014 edition of the Johnnie Walker & Sons Private Collection is here and is making a big splash in the Scotch whisky world. The new ultra-deluxe whisky, which comes in a classic dark blue glass decanter and is bottled at 46.8 % abv, is the beginning of a limited run assortment that will now be released every year. The idea behind the compilation is for people to build their own Scotch whisky collections year by year with batches that feature the superior artistry and “innovative spirit” behind the Johnnie Walker brand.

Concocted by master blender Jim Beveridge, the 2014 collection bottle was made in 29 reserve casks, producing a mere 8,888 bottles. While each individual container is numbered, there are 10 “lucky number” bottles signed by Beveridge himself to celebrate the collection’s launch. This year’s collection is described as a unique smoky blend; its wood smoke smell with underlying sweetness is complimented by a “worn leather,” marzipan flavor.

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a 2014 edition decanter, be prepared to whip out your wallet—retail price for a single bottle is about $740.80.

Have you already had the chance to taste the 2014 edition of the Johnnie Walker & Sons Private Collection? Tell us how you liked it!