Johnnie Walker is smartening up. The whiskey that we know and love is staying the same, but they’re toying with the idea of adding an NFC tag to their label. After learning about what that means for consumers and suppliers, we don’t hate it. In fact, we don’t really see why this isn’t the norm.

Once you scan the tag with your phone it allows you to track delivery and store stock. No more walking to the liquor store only to find that they’re out of your favorite distilled beverage. There’s even talk of it sensing the amount of liquid left in the bottle so you know when it’s time to restock your personal bar.

The tag will also pop up special offers, recipes, and alert the buyer if the bottle has already been opened. It’s a no-brainer. This thing is going to make your life easier and make your cocktails more delicious.

You won’t see the scan label on shelves now, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it started popping up on a lot of different bottles in the next few years.