Okay – take a deep breath and sit down. We’re not trying to ruin your day, but in the next ten years, you might feel a fraction of a fraction of the repercussions of this upset.

Here it goes. The supply of Beam Suntory’s Japanese whisky may struggle to meet consumer demand for about ten years time. The company, proceeding with impressive caution, is patient to ensure that its aged whisky is truly meeting the market need. Takeshi Niinami, CEO of Suntory, is looking to bring the highest quality of aged whisky he can to consumers. He has also urged that there is ALWAYS room for improvement. We like your attitude, Niinami.

So, again, no reason to panic. This CEO’s got a plan and he’s on a mission to fill our cabinets with the finest whisky in the game – in just ten years… Now it’s just a matter of time.