Yes, you just read that right – be sure to wipe the drool off your keyboard. Doughnut beer is now a thing, dreamt up and brought to life by some genius Midwesterners. Against The Grain Brewery and Hi-Five Doughnuts, both based in Louisville, Kentucky, recently teamed up to bring the public their very own Doughnut Infused Brew. But how is this even all possible you ask. The two businesses went ahead and infused a regular ole batch of beer the exact same way you would with a citrus fruit, by dumping the featured ingredient right into the mash of the beer. Hi-Five freshly baked doughnuts, a gallon of vanilla glaze, a blend of spices, and smoked vanilla were all infused into the brew to give it a decadent taste.

The beer is said to have “an ooey gooey sweetness” by those who’ve already had the chance to give it a taste. And with a 6.7% ABV, not only will it satisfy your sweet tooth, but it will also give you a serious the buzz. The only downside we’re seeing here is limited availability. Currently the brew is only available in Louisville, KY area, however the transportation costs might just be worth it! If you’re already lucky enough to reside in Louisville – head down to the Louisville Slugger Field at 6 PM tonight, where the dynamic duo will celebrate the D’oh Nuts brew. That’s one small step for doughnuts, and one giant leap for beer!