By the time the first commercial break has ended, we are usually on the edge of our seats while watching a new episode of Spike TVs Bar Rescue. Every fan of the show knows that in typical Jon Taffer fashion, about 10 minutes into it, just like clockwork, he unleashes fury on the bar owner of the week. And we have to say his little tirades make for some good TV!

The 60 year old night club and bar mogul is gearing up to start his 90th episode of the hit show and in an interview with Ad Week he expressed just how enjoyable it is to simple play himself and help out these lost bar owners. Taffer has even taken his mission to save bars a step further, releasing Bar HQ, his B2B app for bar owners and managers.

The app is 100% backed by Taffer and boasts a wide range of services, putting everything a good manager needs to oversee in one place. The app is completely customizable and assists owners and managers with promotions and event calendars, staff management and training, sales tracking, and even social media management. We’d also have to argue that the most valuable aspect of the app is the exclusive tips tab, filled with little knowledge nuggets offered up by the man himself.

After seeing the success of Bar HQ, Taffer is now working towards bringing the fun to consumers with a virtual game app that lets the mobile user “build and operate nightclubs and bars to create their own nightlife empire.” We will definitely be on the look out for this app which might as well be called the boozy version of rollercoaster tycoon, but in the meantime we recommend that our bar owner and manager friends check out the Bar HQ, because who could turn down free Taffer advice!