The honorary nomadic explorer Leif Erikson, has given us a reason to drink up like a Viking today. In the good ol’ days, Vikings would raise their glasses to the byproduct of bees. Mead, the honey wine, has made a come back since the Vikings ruled the seas. The anciently brilliant drink is made from honey and water that has been fermented with yeast. It can be made to be still, carbonated or sparkling as well as dry, semi-sweet, or sweet and be brewed with spices, fruits, or grain mash. It can even take on a beer-like flavor.

One company, Bjorn Mead not only packs all of the sweetness of a spoonful of honey, but also practices sustainable bee keeping. We think that qualifies them as the beez kneez. See what we did there? So cheers to horned helmets, untamed beards, and the sweet buzz of the week.