Or so says the new tequila company, 901 Tequila, created and owned by pop celebrity, Justin Timberlake.

I haven’t tried 901 yet, but believe, I will. I have to say, I’m curious. Their tag line, “Uncommonly Smooth” promises something that all tequilas promise. So how much more “smooth” can this particular tequila possibly be than the others? My guess is, not very. I said I was curious, but that doesn’t mean I’m not doubtful.

One thing that 901 Tequila does have going for them is the three commercials they’ve produced thus far for the brand (you can see them on their website). Whether or not Timberlake can produce a good tequila has yet to be determined, but with these commercials marking his directorial debut, I must say that he’s done his homework. If this tequila is truly supposed to be a shelf above the rest, enjoyed neat or on ice, they’ve projected that sentiment and tone nicely with these.

One final note, check out the recipes the site also offers. There are some good ones in there. I’m sure you can just substitute your favorite tequila wherever they suggest using 901.

Anyone out there, give a holler and post a review about this new brand if you try it before I do.