Belvedere VodkaPierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, and Daniel Craig have played him and while each one puts their own twist on the legendary suave spy, the drink preferred by Bond, James Bond has always been the martini. Or has it?

When Skyfall partnered with Heineken for an ad series in 2012, some fans were shocked to see 007 sipping on something other than vodka. However, combing through the books and films, it’s clear that the martini isn’t always the spy’s go-to drink. While Bond can undoubtedly defeat villains no matter what’s in his glass, all martinis in the upcoming film Spectre will be made with none other than Belvedere vodka. Belvedere production began in 1993 in Poland and was launched in the US in 1993 as the world’s first ‘super premium vodka.’

Spectre will be the first Bond partnership for the Polish brand, which released a global ad featuring Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman (she plays Estrella in the film). Other vodkas, including Smirnoff, have been featured in past Bond films but Belvedere’s brand president Charles Gibb thinks his luxury brand is the perfect pair for the British spy. According to Gibb: “Bond is a man of style, sophistication and…excellent taste. [Belvedere] is the world’s original luxury vodka and we taste fantastic in a martini.” How often Belvedere is featured in the upcoming Spectre is yet to be seen—but you can be sure Mr. Bond’s martinis will be shaken, not stirred.