IPA India Pale Ale—or IPA—was likely the first global beer and now, it’s making a comeback. While the origins and history of the IPA are somewhat disputed, most agree that beer from Britain was exported to keep army officers and officials of the East India Company from drinking the intense local spirits. The hops in the beer acted as a preservative in addition to flavoring the brew and the healthy dose of alcohol ensured that the beer would survive the sea voyage. Its popularity grew and the IPA became popular back in the home country.

After the Second World War, the brewing industry changed as big brewers bought out smaller companies and mass-produced beers that were palatable to the masses. This trend continued until the craft beer revolution began in America and brought the IPA back to the forefront. IPAs are known for their bold flavors and high alcohol content, but it can come in many different varieties and craft brewers try to outdo each other and show off their flavor blending skills. Now, this bold, hoppy style is regaining global popularity.If you’re looking for a pale ale to try, check out some of our favorites. Whether you’re an IPA aficionado or a complete newbie, raise a glass (or bottle) this weekend. Long live the beer revolution!