A company in Iowa is selling a new, pure vodka that is less likely to cause a hangover.

Do we have your attention now?

The vodka, IngeniOz Vodka, was released in Iowa liquor stores about a month ago by The OZ Spirits Company. It’s corn-based (duh, Iowa) and was created by Johannes Van Leeuwen after he developed a process at Iowa State University for creating a vodka with zero impurities.

How many impurities a vodka has is supposed to speak to its quality and also determine how likely you are to get a hangover. For reference, tests conducted on national vodka brands at Iowa State showed Smirnoff has eight impurities, Absolut has 16 impurities, and Grey Goose has 14 impurities.

The Mason City Globe Gazette reports that the company also put a good deal of time and effort into researching the right bottle. They wanted the cleanest bottle possible and chose an Arizona-style bottle with a blue label and necker. The label features product information and how IngeniOz compares to other vodkas.

Bill Astor, one of the company’s co-founders, said the response has been great so far and that they are hoping to expand beyond Iowa in the future.

“We feel we’ve got something,” said Astor, who has worked in alcoholic beverage saves for nearly thirty years.

Astor says that their initial expansion will likely head into Illinois and Minnesota. We hope a nationwide expansion happens sooner rather than later because we’d love to get our hands on a bottle or two. A bottle of IngeniOz Vodka is currently selling for about $24, but if we don’t get a hangover from this stuff, we’d be willing to pay a pretty penny to keep our heads out of the toilet.