Credit Card bottle opener, you were cool. Flip Flop bottle opener, so were you (even though you weren’t sanitary). But iPhone bottle opener, you are by far the coolest.



iOpener from West|280 is currently sold for 3G-3GS iPhones for $29.95 (buy). We did some quick research and found a slightly different iPhone bottle opener from for $19.95. Unfortunately, this too is only for 3G-3GS (yes, we’re now regretting our 4G upgrade).


If you go with the West|280 version there’s a corresponding iPhone app, BevConX, that notices every time you open a beer. It then asks what you’re drinking and lets you immortalize your choice of brew with a tweet or Facebook post. Sounds cool but we’re not entirely sure we want this drinking habit captured. We’ll probably go for the $19.95 version so we can put our saved $10 towards beer.


Pass this link along to your friends because this isn’t exactly the type of bottle opener you’ll want to pass around at a party. It’s attached to your not so cheap phone.