It’s a two for one deal. Today, August 7th, marks International Beer Day AND India Pale Ale Day. This means there is no excuse not to crack open one of your favorites. Beers, on beers, on beers.

As the boozy beverage is one of our great loves, we want to give a big shout out to our ancestors for making it all possible. We’d also like to thank the British sailors, specifically, who took long, treacherous trips to India and therefore needed a beer that would last the whole way– hence the creation of an IPA.

However, on this day in early August, we can’t seem to shake the thought of how fast the summer season is flying by.  It’s at the forefront of our mind– behind beer, of course. So, in honor of beer and all things summer, we’ve got to soak in all the seasonal releases while we still can. Check out our list of must drink seasonal beers and get started.

Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat: Enjoy a citrus ale in the summer sun. The refreshing ale combines Lost Coast Harvest Wheat with natural tangerine flavors.

Abita Purple Haze: Get lost in the purple haze this summer with this fruity beer. Purple haze is brewed with pilsner, wheat malts, and Vanguard hops, and is topped off with real raspberries after filtration.

Anderson Valley Summer Solstice: This malty beer may induce a creamy mouth feel, but it will also surprise you with its hints of caramel that make it delightfully sweet. Perfect with foods from barbecue chicken on the back porch to s’mores by the campfire.

Bell’s Oberon Ale: If you’re looking for a hoppy beer with a kick, Bell’s Oberon will be your go-to summer beer. With mildly fruity aromas and a spicy hop character, the wheat ale will not disappoint.

Sierra Neveda Summerfest: We love Sierra Nevada all year long, but especially during the summer. The crisp summertime lager is a nod at Originial Czech tradition featuring a Bohemian nature. With a golden look and dry texture, Summerfest successfully carries a complex malt flavor as well as a spicy, floral hop character.

UFO Grapefruit: UFO truly came out on top this summer with its UFO Big Squeeze Shandy. The grapefruit and beer combo has a slightly orange appearance with clean citrus aromas. The sweet malt and light bodied beer is a refreshing and thirst quenching life-saver on a hot, boozy, summer day.

Summer Love: Victory Brewing Company created its seasonal summer beer with a burst of lemony refreshment and American whole flower hops. The earthy German hops and pale malt blend lend familiarity to a shining summer sun.

Deschutes’ Twilight: This award winning summer ale is remarkably crisp and clean. The distinct malty body is countered by a dose of bold Amarillo hops that make it a perfect match with anything on the grill this summer.