We expected more from you, Dos Equis. We’ve been down this road before: a lager meets a tequila and ultimately ends in some (cheesy) play on “a-rita.” The Mexican beer brand announced their latest venture: Dos Equis Dos-A-Rita.


The new ready-to-drink lager margarita was created with a blend of Dos Equis beer and classic “margarita flavors,” all sweetened by premium agave nectar. Dos-A-Rita will be available starting in April in select states before launching nationwide. So how pissed is Bud Light? Bud debuted their margarita beer combo Lime-A-Rita back in 2012 with strawberry and cranberry options that followed up last year. At 7.2% ABV Dos-A-Rita doesn’t even beat their predecessor who weighs in at 8% ABV.


Dos Equis doesn’t always make beer margaritas but when they do they rip off the competition’s name and look like fools. That being said, we haven’t tried Dos-A-Rita so we can’t speak to the taste. Will you be buying the Dos-A-Rita?