You know that person who always has the next cool thing, is always updating his or her products the moment the next version is available, and has a yard and home that seem like innovation station? Ugh, we know that person too. While he or she’s forefront ways might drive you crazy, you have an internal drive to “out-tech” them. Its only natural. Well, with these trailblazing boozy products, you can.

PicoBrew Zymantic: PicoBrew is an all-grain brewing appliance developed by brothers Bill and Jim Mitchell. This at home system can brew 2.5 gallons of craft beer in just 3.5 hours. The product, while a whopping $1,999, makes up for its expensive cost by being the simplest system yet. All a user must do is fill the correct cages and filters and select a preloaded recipe– a Keurig for beer. The machine can gauge the proper temperatures and flow making PicoBrew precise and repeatable. PicoBrew can be found in Beer Craft and Brewing Supply Stores across the country.

Geothermal Beer Cooler: Store your beer the most natural and environmental way possible–in the ground. The Geothermal Beer Cooler by eCool is a storage unit that is installed into the earth to capture the geothermal energy from 1 meter below the surface. A conveyer belt lowers up to 24 12 oz. cans at a time and can be used in all four seasons. The product, promoting, “cold beer, good conscience” is $369 and will guarantee to save you money on electricity for years. Imagine this cool invention installed on your deck, terrace, or next to your backyard grill.

So if you’re looking to show up your techie neighbor and you’re into boozy inventions, these products are sure to satisfy your competitive edge and make you one happy drinker.